Canada's Open Work Permit Policy for Iranian Citizens: A Supportive Initiative

Canada has introduced special temporary immigration measures for Iranian citizens in response to the ongoing situation in Iran. These measures, valid until February 28, 2025, aim to support Iranian nationals currently in Canada by providing several benefits, including fee exemptions and priority processing. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the policy and its benefits:

Key Features of the Policy

  1. Fee Exemptions: Iranian citizens do not have to pay application or biometric fees when applying to extend or change their temporary resident status, including visitor, worker, or student status. This also applies to applications for open work permits or study permits.
  2. Priority Processing: Applications submitted under these special measures receive priority processing, ensuring faster turnaround times.
  3. Maintained Status: If an applicant’s current status expires while their application is being processed, they will maintain their legal status in Canada until a decision is made.

Eligibility Criteria

To benefit from these measures, applicants must:

  1. Be Iranian nationals with a valid Iranian passport.
  2. Have valid temporary resident status in Canada at the time of application and when a decision is made.
  3. Apply before the February 28, 2025 deadline.

Canada’s open work permit policy and other supportive measures for Iranian citizens reflect its commitment to providing assistance during times of crisis. These measures not only offer financial relief but also ensure that Iranian nationals can maintain their legal status and access work and study opportunities in Canada. 

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Canada's Open Work Permit Policy for Iranian Citizens: A Supportive Initiative
Balram's Immigration Consultancy June 28, 2024
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